Security Guard Services: The Need for Every Business

Security Guard Services: The Need for Every Business

Security is the need of the hour. People want to feel safe at malls, hospitals, banks, hotels, construction sites, etc. That is why security services are vital. This includes services of lifeguards, physical guards, and even CCTV operators along with security supervisors.


It is necessary to have enough safety and security not just at home, but also at business premises. With the rising crime rates, almost every business owner opts for reliable security services. Guards are employed with the aim of securing individuals, workplaces, and assets at the same time. These guards are fit and trained in order to ensure optimum safety. Several physical guarding services in Dubai provide such services.

Security Services - Roles and Responsibilities

Physical guarding services in Dubai are essential to safeguard sensitive official records in the offices. The guards fulfill many tasks. Some of the main tasks are listed below.

  • Keep a record of entry-exit timings and reason of visit.
  • Safeguard premises - commercial, residential, etc.
  • Use of metal detectors to monitor security and protect the premise from potential crime


Apart from the above, close monitoring is an important aspect of the duty of the security guards. It is their task to find people who are suspicious. They track people and places closely and therefore, prevent criminal activity and related problems.

Proper use of different gadgets and tools also contributes to the effectiveness of guard services. The guards are used to avoid sabotage by metal detectors, close circuit cameras, scanners, radios, and batons. Professionally-trained physical guards know how to deal with emergencies. In situations like fire, etc. they also guide people to safety.

Important Guard Requirements

Guards are used in schools, banks, and hospitals that are important to their services. However, before recruiting security guard services, there are some guidelines to obey. Before hiring guards, you must have a detailed background check on the company\'s credentials.

  • The guards must be well-trained and prepared to deal with emergencies.
  • They should be physically fit.
  • The guards must be able to do multiple tasks as a conscientious security official has several duties to fulfill.
  • Good communication skills in a guard are important.
  • Most business employers choose to have an experienced guard.

Security Guard Services: A Profitable Business

Most security companies charge customers an hourly rate or a flat fee. Larger firms of security guards have business or business customers. The perfect customer is one who signs a service contract for a period of many years. However, these types of customers are hard to get when you just start.

Security guards have a variety of prices, depending on the services offered. You can charge $10 to $25 per hour for unarmed protection. For armed protection, if a special event or a high-risk event, you can charge between $35 and even $100.


This is not the only way to charge customers, however. The overall fee for services can be even higher by security contracts, including both short and long-term contracts. Certain businesses charge " by work," whereby the business charges a contract fee. These charges can be thousands of dollars per deal.

In several situations, a customer pays for services weekly, semi-annually, or yearly and renews the agreement for several years. This scenario is perfect and generates stable long-term revenues for the company. However, per contract charges for existing customers are normally reserved.

The number of security staff members on-site for a job has another impact on what you will charge customers. If there are more guards on hand, most businesses charge more.

How Much Money Can A Security Guard Business Make?

Security firms will produce around $40,000-$60,000 annually per security guard. You would clear $300,000 in income if you recruit a team of 5 security guards at the start-up. Net income differs in your country depending on your insurance, labor, and regulatory costs.

How Do You Increase The Profitability Of Your Business?

Most safety companies will benefit from specialization and higher prices. More revenue would come in from closing higher-paying customers.

Installing bodyguard services, mall services, or catered event services for lawmakers rather than providing generic security services for a local business for example. You would have very low competition if the business is considered to provide protection for high-profile customers.

Final Words

In addition, a security guard normally has all the skills available for bodyguard services or physical guard services. In general, however, the word "bodyguard" refers to a bigger, muscular individual able to intimidate as a possible threat.