Get Your Tools From Solid Carbide End Mill Manufacturers

Get Your Tools From Solid Carbide End Mill Manufacturers

Milling cutters are essential tools for machine shops. Sadly, like all cutting tools, end mills and drill bits will lose their cutting edge over time. If you are tired of dealing with failing tools and the task of resharpening your cutting tools, you need to invest in some tools for a solid carbide end mill manufacturer. High quality carbide tools are always going to outperform similar tools constructed from other materials.


Carbide has several unique advantages when it comes to tool manufacturing. Some shops use high speed steel tools, but these cutters come with their own issues. Most steel alloys are tough, but they suffer the issue all metal tools suffer. If you heat them up too much, they are going to lose their temper and begin to soften.


High speed steel is a specially formulated steel alloy that can handle extremely high temperatures. HSS tools are relatively cheap and they have strong cutting edges. This means that you can run them in applications where normal steel tools could not handle the heat. Despite this advantage over traditional steel, you will still have to limit the speed that you use with these tools.


If you want to start machining at higher speeds without risking the lifespan of your tools, you need to use carbide cutting tools. Carbide is a unique high performance tool material specifically designed to hold a cutting edge and resist the effects of heat.


Carbide tools may look metallic, but they are actually a combination of powdered ceramic mixed with a metal binding material. Tungsten carbide, the ceramic that gives carbide its name, is twice as dense and strong as steel. This ceramic content helps make them far more immune to heat than other tools, as ceramic does not have the same variable structure as metal. No matter how hot you get a ceramic, at least at the temperatures milling cutters will experience, it is not going to soften.


The ceramic keeps the edges sharp, but a solid ceramic tool would shatter almost instantly. The binding metal, typically cobalt, helps provide the internal structure and flexibility these tools need to operate at high speeds. This means that you can run your tools faster and get jobs done in a fraction of the time it would take to complete with a metal tool. As long as your tools have been manufactured with high quality solid carbide, you can expect them to last much longer than their metal equivalents.


In order to provide a little extra strength, many solid carbide end mill manufacturers treat their tools with protective coatings. Coating materials like titanium aluminum nitride(TiAlN) help to protect your end mills from the extreme temperatures that come with high speed use. TiAlN is commonly used because this material will create a thin layer of aluminum oxide when it reaches high temperatures. This aluminum oxide layer insulates the end mill from the effects of high heat, extending the lifespan of your end mills.


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