5 Best Getaways near Chennai for a Perfect Weekend Road Trip

5 Best Getaways near Chennai for a Perfect Weekend Road Trip

One of the biggest cities in India, Chennai is known for its metropolitan culture as well as its stronghold on tradition. The city also houses some of the best educational institutes, MNCs, hospitals, etc. Therefore, no matter which age group you fall into, you will get everything in this city. Apart from these, you will also get beaches, amusement parks, museums, where you can go and spend some quality time. To get a taste of authentic South Indian cuisines, you can visit some of the best restaurants here. And if you have elderly people at home, you can take them to explore the several temples and religious places located within the city.


What if you have explored the city enough and now want to go beyond it? Well, you will be glad to know that there are several places near Chennai that you can visit over the weekend. If you have a long weekend plan, you can choose the places within 200-300 km, and if you are looking for a one-day trip, you can choose places within 100-200 km distance.


Another thing to keep into consideration is the number of friends or family members who are accompanying you on the trip. This is an important point to consider since you will need a bigger car if the number of people is more. If you own a smaller car, but the friends going with you on this trip are more than the car can accommodate, you can simply go for a self-drive car rental in Chennai.


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Now coming back to the weekend getaways from Chennai, here are some of the best options of places that you can choose to visit.

1. Pondicherry

When we discuss places to visit near Chennai over the weekend, missing out on Pondicherry is just impossible. It will take you around three hours to reach Pondicherry from Chennai by road. As you enter Pondicherry, you will find French influence in almost everything, whether you are going to a café or you are taking a tour of any monument. There are several hotels and accommodations where you can book your stay ahead of your journey. Some tourist attractions that you must visit in Pondicherry include Auroville, Shri Aurobindo Ghosh Ashram, Paradise Beach, Gingee Fort, Sri Gokilambal Thirukameswar Temple, Basilica of The Sacred Heart of Jesus, Jawahar Toy Museum, Promenade Beach, etc.

Best time to travel: October to March

Distance from Chennai: 166.4 km

2. Vellore

For all the history buffs, Vellore is an amazing place to visit from Chennai. You will find a reminiscence of several dynasties here. Vellore was ruled by many kingdoms, which include Pandyas, Cholas, Vijayanagara, Carnatic Nawabs, and British Raj. Therefore, you will find various buildings with various architectures. And not only the architecture, but you can also find a variety of cuisines here. The attractions to visit here are Vellore Fort, St. John’s Church, Sripuram Golden Temple, Archaeological Survey of India Museum, Periyar Park, Virinjipuram Temple, Tipu, and Hyder Mahal, etc.

Best time to travel: October to March

Distance from Chennai: 138.4 km

3. Tirupati

One of the holiest cities in India for the Hindu community, Tirupati is not only visited by pilgrims but tourists as well. Along with ancient temples, you can also witness rich culture and heritage at this place. Once you are done visiting the temples, you can indulge in trekking, camping, visiting waterfalls, nature parks, and enjoying some mouthwatering food.

Best time to travel: September to February

Distance from Chennai: 133 km

4. Yelagiri

Are you in a mood to indulge in some adventure activities? If yes, head straight to Yelagiri. While the town will mesmerize you with its scenic beauty, you can enjoy some jaw-dropping adventure experiences with activities such as trekking, boating, and paragliding. If you can visit here during the Yelagiri Summer Festival, you can attend the musical performances food shows, and several cultural events. The attractions to visit here include Jalagamparai Waterfalls, Velavan Temple, Punganoor Lake, Jalagandeeswarar Temple, Swamimalai Hill, etc.

Best time to travel: March to June

Distance from Chennai: 226 km

5. Horsley Hills

Located at a height of 41000 feet above sea levels, Horsley Hills in Andhra Pradesh is the destination you should choose to visit from Chennai if you want to stay away from the crowd for some time. The rolling hills, verdant greenery, and awesome weather make this place one of a kind. You can enjoy some trekking and camping time here and also visit several attractions such as Kaundinya Wildlife Sanctuary, Mallamma Temple, Gangotri Lake, Horsley Hills Zoo, Gali Bandalu.

Best time to travel: December to February

Distance from Chennai: 259.7 km


Now if you are all ready to explore all these places, choose a self-drive car hire in Chennai from Revv, and pack your bag. You can install the Revv app on your smartphone to make the process easier. All the Revv cars are thoroughly sanitized and available at affordable prices.