Best places to visit in Japan

Best places to visit in Japan

Are you planning a trip to Japan shortly and have no idea what to do there and, more importantly, where to go? If the answer is an affirmation, this is the article for you. Now we realize the best way to discover a place is by exploring it unplanned. Do you want to be one of those who don’t know where they are or will be on a trip and then sleep on concrete chairs in a Park? If the answer is in negation, you should go through our comprehensive list of the Best Places to visit Japan and know what you should expect from each of these places. 

Japan is an Asian country and lies on the eastern end of the Asia Pacific region. Since its inception, the island rule has seen a lot: the English colonization, the political history, and the horrific events that happened at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. All of this and much more have shaped Japan to be what it is today.

Japan is an island country known in the current times for its technological might and centuries-old living culture. However, Japan is more than its capitalistic approach; The island still has places preserving true japan’s essence. Some of the best places to visit in Japan are the ones that evoke these emotions.

Let us check out the list now.

Fuji San, The beauty of Mount Fuji

The beautiful Mount fuji, or Fuji-San, as you might call it, is located around 100 kilometers from Tokyo. The mountain is a dormant volcano situated at the base of a relatively flat surface area stretched for miles from its East and South ends.

The mount has been a celebrated affair in art and literature and has been a muse to many artists. Additionally, Fuji-San was recognized as a World’s heritage site by Unesco in 2013 and has been taken care of.

The Mountain is an excellent trek, with the government allowing the trekkers to trail to the top of the mountain. However, if you want to have a trekking trip with low hours and less work, you can just reach the 5th Sation in the midway of the hill; this reduces the trek’s total duration by about five times.

Imperial Tokyo

One of the most famous landmarks in Tokyo, The imperial palace is a 17th-century palace that used to be the residence of the imperial family of the state from the past ten centuries.

The imperial palace has beautiful seventeenth-century gardens surrounded by water-filled moats. The sad part is that most of the castle is closed for public viewing because the Imperial family still lives here. However, this place still holds its position as one of the Best Places to visit in Japan.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

At the epicenter of the nuclear blast that shook the world in 1945 stands now the Hiroshima Peace Memorial and its surrounding park. Despite its horrible history, this national park stands tall as a symbol of peace and a resilient example to the world.

The memorial park is an intriguing place that contains everything from Museums to massive grass lawns and plays gardens. One should come to this city to visit the sad history of our Human race and how does regressive and xenophobic mindset cost the entire world.

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Historic Kyoto

Kyoto is a city that was established about a thousand years ago from the present time. The town is still a small island, famous for its typical Japanese streets and architecture.

It was one of the only cities prevented from the extortion of world war || in Japan. The city holds more than 10 million tourists every year to experience the beautifully rich Buddhist history of the place.

Osaka Castle

One of the best places to visit in Japan, Osaka Castle, is a popular tourist destination for civilians and airlines. You can make bookings with airlines such as Alaska Airlines reservations to this popular destination at low flight fares and high discounts.

Built in 1586 by famous Japanese warrior Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Osaka Castle was the country’s largest t fortress. Although destroyed and rebuilt several times since, the present structure, built in 1931, remains faithful to the original.