Technology Must-Haves for Teens

Technology is a massive part of modern life and for today’s teenagers they’ve never known a different way of living. It impacts everything from study to communication to how we stay up to date with current affairs, so it is no surprise teenagers want access to all the latest gadgets. If you’re struggling to know which your teen wants and which they need, this will help you decide.

Mobile Phone

Most teenagers have a mobile phone these days, with parents glad to have the reassurance of a means of communication as their child gains independence. With models from the very basic to high spec, it can be hard to know which features your child needs and which they want. Smart phones have the main tools a teenager will want such as the ability to go online, communicate with friends via social media, a camera for photo and video content and enough storage to play some games. Whether you choose the latest model, or a cheaper alternative depends on you and your child but remember,teenagers aren’t known for taking care of their possessions!


A computer is a versatile purchase as it allows your child to complete their schoolwork while having features they can enjoy during their down-time such as online gaming and streaming TV shows. With laptop and desktop options as well as tablets, it can be hard to choose, but don’t be tempted by unknown brands – always choose a reputable company with a reputation for customer service to be assured of support both during the process of purchasing your computer and after. Consider Lenovo College PCs – a well-known brand with a range of computers for all budgets.


Teens love accessories with everything from phone cases to headsets being on their radar. Everything from light-up keyboards to pop-sockets is made with the teen market in mind but it is worth remembering many accessories are add-ons – nice to have, but not needed. Accessories that are worth investing in include a suitable desk and chair, if your child is going to be spending a lot of time on their computer you don’t want their posture to suffer as a result

Smart Watch

Smart watches are a popular choice with teens as an easy way to access everything they need. Generation Z and Gen Alpha have never known a life without mobile phones and the smart watch takes that to the next level – you don’t need to carry your phone when you can wear a watch that allows you to do everything! Smart watches have advantages such as encouraging your child to move more by tracking their exercise levels but can be a distraction by regularly vibrating.

Only you know which gadgets your child will use and whether you feel they are a necessity or a luxury, but whatever you choose, take time to research before you purchase. Look for recommendations and read reviews to ensure you get what you are hoping for from the gadgets you buy.