Surprising Benefits of Making Notes and Selling Them Online

Surprising Benefits of Making Notes and Selling Them Online

Note-taking is an essential skill that needs to be learned by every student in school. It is because it can help students to become school learners. However, note-taking is somewhat a tedious practice to do, which is why not everyone does it.


Note-taking has numerous benefits and advantages as it can improve school performance and become a source of income. Nowadays, there is note selling websites such as Thinkswap, that allows students to earn from the notes they make.


If you have been planning to take note-taking seriously, below are surprising benefits of making notes and selling them online.


Develop Learning Skills

Regularly taking notes helps you in developing specific learning skills that will benefit you in class. When you make notes, you are actively listening to your teacher or professor, which means your hearing and listening abilities will develop.


Note-taking requires you to be attentive to what you are writing actively and helps you in making a connection between different topics on a given subject, according to Oxford Learning. It enhances your writing skills as well as critical thinking abilities.


Making notes and selling them online is a win-win situation because you are developing learning skills and getting paid at the same time.

Provides an Alternative for Taking Jobs

The amount you can earn on note selling websites such as Thinkswap depends on the number of website downloads that your notes get. It means if more students download and use your study notes, you will be getting more money. It is called "royalty fees" and is a form of passive income.


One significant disadvantage of having a job while studying is that you can only earn money if you spend time at work. It is because "earned income" is a form of active income. By focusing on note-making and creating quality subject notes, the sky's the limit of the amount you can earn.


The best thing about note making is that you can earn money even if you are not working. As long as your subject notes are being downloaded and sold, you will receive a given amount in royalty fees.

Get Better Grades

Note-taking helps you gain a better understanding of the main concepts and subtopics for each of your subjects. According to The Learning Center, consistent note-taking will drastically improve your reading comprehension and memory retention, helping you better remember what you see and hear.


Making great notes consistently will undoubtedly have a positive effect not only on your academic success but to other students who have access to your notes as well. Selling your notes online is a win-win scenario because you will be making more money while helping other people.


According to research published in Springer Link, money is an effective motivator for people. Being rewarded with money can make your work better, have increased productivity levels, and improved work ethic.


By creating subject notes and getting paid in the process, you will experience being more motivated and inspired, which will make you thrive better. Not only will you earn more money in the process, but you will further excel in class because of the morale boost.


From the reasons mentioned above, writing down notes and selling them online is, without a doubt, beneficial. Learning how to take better subject notes will not only help you academically but financially as well. Hopefully, this article has thrown some light to you in deciding to give note-making and selling a shot.