The Ultimate Guide To Starting Your Daycare And Preschool Business

The Ultimate Guide To Starting Your Daycare And Preschool Business

If you are a prospective franchisee, it is crucial for you to evaluate and substantiate any claims made by the franchisor you select before you open a school in India or start a school and begin your venture in the education sector. Before entering a partnership with a school franchise for opening a school in India, such as Shri Educare, it is important to conduct a thorough background check just to ensure that you are making the right choice. This due diligence involves examining the quantitative as well as the qualitative aspects of the proposed partnership, and it is advised to conduct a 360-degree audit. The information for such an audit is available with the franchisor, existing franchisees, and other third-party resources. This can go a long way to ensure better risk management and guarantee long-term gains and returns when you start a school. Here are a few aspects you should evaluate before opening a school in India:

  • Brand equity

This is perhaps the first and foremost thing you should consider when you start a school as strong equity will go a long way and positively impact the number of admissions and enable you to charge a premium fee, which can help in making your venture financially strong. The best education franchise, such as Shri Educare, ensures that their franchisees enjoy the benefits that come with an established brand name in the market. Hence, brand equity plays a huge role in determining long-term success when you open a school in India, and opting for prominent brands such as Shri Educare can help in establishing long-term and sustainable institutes that are financially strong. 

  • Financials

If you are wondering how to start a school in India, the financial considerations and a deep understanding of the financial requirements for setting up a successful and profitable institute is a must. There are numerous franchisors that might make claims on financial sustainability, but you must examine some key factors before making your choice. For example, ensuring that there are no hidden elements in start-up costs in the form of rentals, deposits, flooring costs, etc. in a bid is a must. Moreover, as a franchisee, you must also ensure that the first-year losses are factored in the existing costs to help you get a more realistic idea of the breakeven period. An established school franchise such as Shri Educare with a proven track record will be sure of its offerings and will be able to give you a written guarantee of the volume of admissions it will be able to drive for a successful experience when you open a school in India.

  • Infrastructure support

When you open a school in India, it comes with a host of administrative processes, and hence, infrastructure support from the franchisor is imperative. You must ensure that the school franchise you partner with provides automated systems to add to your operational efficiency and robust data to give you a better overview of the industry and related trends which will further allow you to focus on critical areas. 

  • Curriculum and Training

The curriculum and training support provided by the franchise must be taken into consideration when you open a school in India due to a variety of reasons. The nature of the curriculum will attract a suitable volume of customers while the effectiveness of the training will determine the quality of the education being imparted in your institute. Shri Educare provides comprehensive and consistent curriculum and training support which is based on the extensive expertise of the faculties of the Shri Ram Schools. This ensures that while opening a school in India, you provide your target audience with a relevant, intriguing, and dynamic curriculum that is interactive, engaging, and immersive. Moreover, training and workshops are also crucial for imparting and better dissemination of knowledge by the faculty, and Shri Educare ensures that these workshops are carried out regularly for the adoption of better and advanced teaching methodologies. 

  • Sales and marketing support

Opening a school in India also requires extensive marketing help and resources. One of the biggest advantages of partnering with Shri Educare, the best education franchise in the country, is undoubtedly the important sales and marketing support that helps in generating important leads and driving your business. It is always advised to discuss the sales and marketing plan with the franchisor you choose in great detail beforehand to drive in admission volumes and recover costs as quickly as possible. 

  • Recruitment and staffing support

The curriculum and the teaching staff are two of the most important elements that ultimately determine success when you start a school. Evaluating the nature of the curriculum provided by the school franchise is imperative to determine if it is well researched and proven. Moreover, the best education franchise such as Shri Educare will provide crucial support and guidance in the recruitment and hiring period to ensure that your educational institute only hires qualified and experienced teachers to impart quality education. 


Hence, when thinking about opening a school in India with a franchisor, a systematic and exhaustive evaluation of the above parameters and factors can help you make the right choice. Moreover, opting for the best education franchise such as Shri Educare comes with several long-term benefits to ensure that your venture is sustainable and profitable in the years to come!