Uses for Merckens Milk Chocolate Wafers

Merckens milk chocolate wafers are beloved by bakers, crafters, and confectioners all around the country. While they don’t have the same sheen and crisp “snap” of some higher grades of couverture chocolates, Merckens’ unique blend can offer the aspiring confectioner a lot of advantages over these. Even better, they are not only delicious but affordable.

While couverture chocolate may be preferred by some for its impeccable shine and texture, accomplishing these in a finished treat requires not only great skill but also patience. It also requires the chocolatier to know just how to temper the chocolate in order for it to afford a smooth consistency. For the rest of us, there are Merckens milk chocolate wafers.


Merckens chocolate wafers, which are available in a number of different colors which makes them ideal for decorating for all occasions at many different times of the year, are uniquely formulated. As they contain vegetable oil, they have a uniquely smooth texture and consistency.


Also because of the inclusion of vegetable oil in their formulation, they are well suited to melting, remelting, and molding. They melt to a buttery smooth consistency and can easily be molded or used for enrobing or dipping. Without the need to temper them, they can be melted and molded straightaway and the finished product will have a velvety smooth - and consistent - texture.


This makes Merckens chocolate wafers ideal for those who like to make chocolate pops, chocolate drops, or dipped or drizzled chocolate confections. Merckens chocolate is also a fine choice for those looking to make chocolate dips and sauces because the oil content makes it easy to keep them melted and smooth.


In addition, the fact that Merckens chocolates come in so many different colors means that decorating with them is a cinch. There’s no need to do your own dyeing, although if it would please you to do so, you can dye some of their white chocolate wafers for just the color you need. Otherwise, Merckens wafers are great for decorating at all times of the year, from the Fourth of July through Halloween and Christmas and back to Easter.


All of these factors make Merckens chocolates a perennial favorite, and not just among crafters and hobbyists. Professional confectioners and bakers love Merckens for their unique consistency and ease of use just the same, and if you’re looking for a wholesale deal on Merckens chocolates, you can find it at Stover & Company at


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