Want to Purchase in Bulk? Try Lipstick Boxes Wholesale Now

Want to Purchase in Bulk? Try Lipstick Boxes Wholesale Now

When doing business on a large scale, every business needs proper and smooth packaging. The same rule applies to the lipstick business. There are different types of benefits associated with lipstick box wholesale purchases. If you also want to know information regarding this topic then keep reading this lipstick box article till the end.

What are Lipstick Boxes?

Lipstick boxes are nothing but boxes used to pack lipstick items in a safe way. The boxes that we use for lipstick packaging are available in multiple sizes, shapes, and dimensions. In these boxes, you can pack any size, shape, or color lipstick item without any hurdle.

Global Market Size of Beauty & Lipstick Industry 

If we talk about the industry of lipsticks, it’s ever-growing. Only in the USA in 2019, there were more than 49.2 billion US dollars in sales of cosmetic products. However, if we look upon the overall beauty and personal care market, this industry has earned more than 89.5 billion US dollars in the year 2020. Globally, it is around 532 billion US dollars industry. So investing in this business will be a great deal for you. 


As the market size of cosmetic items including lipstick is more than we thought, then there is a huge amount of lipstick boxes required for a smooth run. Due to the great demand, a lot of packaging manufacturing companies have jumped into this field and are making packaging for different brands. In this abundance of companies, finding the right one for lipstick packaging wholesale purchase might be difficult for you. However, Custom Box Makers might help you with this matter. 

What Benefits Can You Enjoy With Lipstick Boxes Wholesale Purchase?

It is a general rule that when someone purchases items or necessary things in bulk quantity, the supplier gives a special discount to the retailer or customer in an overall deal. This is the same rule that applies to bulk packaging purchases. When a company that manufactures lipstick items purchases the packaging in a bulk quantity from a packaging supplier, they give special and discounted prices. Not only do they decrease the prices, but also give some other benefits like free shipping and free graphic design.

Free Shipping – No Delivery Charges

Free shipping? It seems interesting. If you’re running the business then you definitely know the expenses of shipping the packaging. Free shipping has become a popular element in the packaging industry where companies and suppliers deliver the best lipstick boxes free of cost. So that the customers don’t need to pay the extra shipping or delivery charges. There are different types of benefits associated with free shipping including boosting average order value, increasing sales and revenue, and making loyal customers. 

Free Graphic Designing – No Need to Pay Extra Charges

Free graphic design is another interesting element of lipstick box wholesale deals. We know that designing is one of the costly fields in the business. Whether it is product designing or packaging designing, both are time-taking and money-consuming. However, in the wholesaler's lipstick boxes deal with a trusted, reliable, and renowned packaging supplier, you get the free graphic designing facility. In this facility, you can ask the manufacturer to design the lipstick packaging according to your will. 


They will design and shape the packaging according to your wish. You can put your lipstick company’s unique and distinguished logo on the top of the packaging. Furthermore, you can add lipstick product details like manufacturing or expiry date, facts, or ingredients on the above packaging. This little information section adds more value to your packaging and gives more knowledge to your customers. So try bulk purchasing and enjoy these benefits.

Avail Customization Options – Personalize Packaging on Your Way 

It is also a great feature in the wholesale packaging deal, in which you get the chance to get the packaging according to your desired shape and design. While there are ready-made lipstick boxes available, however, customized and personalized lipstick packaging will work more than your thinking. A customized lipstick packaging in which a woman is applying lipstick on her gorgeous lips builds a connection between a customer and company. 


The buyer feels more motivated and special when she receives her desired lipstick in customized packaging. By adopting customization, you get the chance of choosing the design according to your desire or company values. If you don’t have how to get the packaging then experts will guide you through all the procedures and make a fully customized packaging for you. 

Safe, Secure, and Easy to Carry

In final words, when you purchase the packaging via lipstick boxes wholesale, you get more secure and safe packaging. Most of the packaging companies make the packaging with cardboard material that keeps the lipstick items safe and secure for a long time. So choose a wholesale purchase of lipstick packaging if you want to run in the long race.