What Are Retrofit LED Lights?

What Are Retrofit LED Lights?

As a homeowner, you are constantly responsible for juggling a nearly impossible number of to-do tasks in your daily life. The chores keep coming and coming, and chores don’t get removed from the list, they just keep getting added. Compounding matters is the reality that you have to pay the bills as well - so between all the hustle and bustle - and expense of being a homeowner, who has time to think about lighting?


No one, really, but the fact of the matter is that you should. Energy costs are among the bills aforementioned and they take a monthly toll on your earnings, so they deserve the recognition required in order to cut costs if you can.


The premise of this is not to convert you from the ambiance of your current set up; quite the opposite. In fact, the premise of this is to uncover methods by which you can cut costs with your current set up by making minimal changes.


If your home currently has an infrastructure of incandescent lighting, and many homes still do, then, to put things lightly, you are paying more than you need to be paying, not only in lighting costs but in heating and cooling. To keep things simple, the fact of the matter is that incandescent lighting is inefficient and wastes power.


Now, perhaps you have heard of LED lighting as an alternative, but have been turned off by the high cost of the lights themselves. More reasonably, perhaps, is the possibility that you don’t want to deal with the expense and hassle of changing out your lighting fixtures.


That’s reasonable, but when you consider that LEDs are enormously energy-efficient, produce very little heat as a by-product, are better for the environment, offer excellent color temperature, and last for tenfold or even a hundredfold as long as some incandescent lights, the proposition becomes tempting.


Here’s the kicker. What would you do if you could realize these listed benefits of LED lights without making any real changes to your home? You would probably go through with it, wouldn’t you?


Well, you can, and more easily than you might have expected, all with the convenience of retrofit LED lights. Retrofit LED lights, as you might guess from the name, are LED lights that are intended to be used with your current lighting fixtures and infrastructure. There are many retrofit kits available, including LED retrofit kits, that enable you to realize and reap the gains of the energy savings of efficient LEDs.


Retrofits are designed to be used with your existing fixtures, so that means that if you have down lighting, for example, you can switch to LEDs with an LED downlight retrofit. As many lighting retrofits are plug and play solutions, they are extremely simple and easy to install. Best of all, advances in LED lighting technology have made it possible to outfit your home with dimmable LED light bulbs as well.


There’s more good news; these benefits don’t just extend to homeowners. As you might have figured if you gave it though, businesses draw much more power than homes, and so commercial lighting, such as the high-bay fluorescent lamps that are used in warehouses and other large spaces, draw more power than needed. There are retrofit LED bulbs and other lighting solutions out there for situations like these.


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