What Are The Applications Of Biotechnology?

What Are The Applications Of Biotechnology?

It comprises a broad range of topics that includes molecular biology, cell biology, application of biotechnology, biochemical processes, genetics, etc. Biotechnology consists of multiple branches that include biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, plant biotechnology, animal biotechnology, etc. It is the biological practice that is found in organisms or the performance of the living organisms themselves to make technological approaches and modify the updated technologies to several distinct areas. 

Biotechnology is technology based on biology. It harnesses cellular and biomolecular methods to promote technologies and commodities to enhance the lives and the well-being of the planet. Also, biotechnology includes different types of biology techniques such as medical biotechnology, agricultural biotechnology, etc.


The study of biotechnology deals with the chemical rules in living organisms, structures and functions of cellular elements. Students who are pursuing biotechnology may get confused when they get biotechnology assignments where they might take assistance from the Biotechnology Assignment Help to get better knowledge on bio-sciences that constitute a vast discipline and the sub-field of biotechnology.

Applications of Biotechnology 

As per the experts of best assignment help in Australia- Here is the list of biotechnology applications:

Nutrient Supplementation 

It is one of the most used biotechnology application that is used for the infusion of nutrients into meals in conditions such as aid. It offers meals that have heavy nutrients and can work in situations. 

Abiotic Stress Resistance

As the population is increasing day by day, the need for food is also increasing. Therefore, different sources of food are available to produce food for the people living on earth. The requirement of developing crops is grown day by day, to survive on the earth. This application is used for the development of the crops even in the harsh climate.

Industrial Biotechnology

This type of application is used for the biotechnology range for the production of the cellular structures. The production of biological elements is used to create new materials in the construction industry. This application is used to manufacture wine and beer, washing powder, or personal care products.

Strength Fibres 

This application is used to make silk with the same cross-sectional width and the tensional force. The silk is created with the collection of strong elements or commonly used to make body armor. This application has been used to pick the genes found in spiders and goats.


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