What is Leukemia? Warning Signs and Prevention

What is Leukemia? Warning Signs and Prevention

Leukemia is considered one of the most deadly types of cancer. It is cancer originating from your bone marrow. According to the best hematologists in Islamabad, many patients who reach them fail to identify their symptoms at an early stage. They reach out to the doctor when the abnormal cells are spread all around the body. Late take of an action leads to the chronic effects of the disease. There are many types of common blood cancers alternating in some factors. Let's get more facts about leukemia, its symptoms, causes, and ways to prevent it.

What is leukemia? 

The cells of our blood-forming tissues, RBCs, WBCs, and platelets develop cancer in them. Leukemia is more concerned with White Blood cells and their number decreases in the patient's body. He will become more vulnerable to various diseases due to a decrease in immunity. After some time, RBCs will also be unable to carry oxygen efficiently. 

Yet, the exact cause of leukemia is unknown. Most probably, the DNA passes such diseases to offspring and causes abnormal growth of cells. Females are less sensitive to this deadly disease as compared to males and children.

Few Warning Signs of Leukemia: 

Talking about the symptoms, they are pretty much important to identify. An early diagnosis is always helpful whether a disorder is mild or chronic. If you have days of fever, a week of weakness, rush to your doctor without wasting any second. Some of the signs of leukemia considered alarming are as follows: 

  • You will feel constant fatigue and weakness for days due to distortion inactivity of blood cells.

  • Your nose is at risk of bleeding too. There's no need to panic. You can visit your doctor asap.

  • Due to the decrease in the oxygen-carrying capacity of RBCs, you have to face the issues of shortness of breath. 

  • Notice if there are some red spots on your skin or not.

  • Feeling unexplained fever at varying times.

  • You have to face some severe infections because your immunity level is not at its best now.

  • Keep a check on your weight. Visit the doctor if you are losing it without any effort. 

  • Certain parts of the Lymphatic System like lymph nodes can swell and the liver or spleen can be enlarged. 

  • Sometimes due to fever at night, sweats can make your sleep difficult for you.

  • Not feeling hungry and feeling full more often. 

  • You can face Bone pain issues at times.

How can Leukemia be Prevented?

Oh no! Cancer! Sadly death is the ultimate result! You have probably listened to such lines. Don't pay them much heed. Death is the end for everyone, despite dealing with cancer or not. No matter how dangerous disease is, it can always be prevented. We all can make ourselves more healthy and safe from every deadly disease by following some valuable tips. Instead of dealing with these tips as a treatment, try to make them a habit and a lifestyle. Stick to them forever and you will be happy with your health. Let's talk about some of the tips and tricks.


  • Nutrition deals with all the stubborn diseases. Thus, fruits over everything. Add more fruit to your daily meal. Try having fresh juices.

  • Eat the leafy green vegetables more.

  • For fulfilling the needs of protein, have some beans and lean meat.

  • Put in dairy products that are either fat-free or low in fat.

  • You have to cook your food. Hence, Cholesterol is a must. Go for healthier olive oil or fish oil than vegetable oil.

  • Don't eat too much. Have control over your portions.

  • Maintain your weight. Do regular exercise and walk. Obese people are more sensitive to menacing diseases.

  • Stay away from tobacco products and smokers. It's itself cancer for your health.

  • Avoid the areas when harmful industrial chemicals are found.

The Bottom Line: 

Leukemia can be cured. The treatment ways of Leukemia are applicable according to the condition of the patient. Riphah international hospital, Rawalpindi offers the treatment of cancer by biological therapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, and radiation therapy. It doesn't matter how effective the treatment methods are when you are going to follow prevention tips. It's always better to prepare for yourself. Happy growing!