What to Look for in Women’s Western Cowboy Boots

What to Look for in Women’s Western Cowboy Boots

Don’t rush the decision to get a pair of women’s western cowboy boots a quality pair of boots can last you many years - so take your time shopping and get the pair you really want, the pair that checks off all of the boxes of your requirements.


Or, you could get several pairs, since you may have a need to mix and match between outfits. Whatever the case, you shouldn’t settle for anything. Figure out whether you want leather soles or rubber, and get a pair of boots with a quality welt so that you can maintain them as they age. Get a pair in the type and color of leather that works for you, and if you want to go with a traditional stitch pattern, indulge. They’re going to be a lifetime investment, and there’s no rule stating you can only have one pair, but take some time and determine what you want before you go forward with it.

Tough Boots

The first thing you might want to look for in a pair of women’s western cowboy boots is a pair that can hang with you in the field during rough work. Whether or not style matters to you in this situation is your prerogative, but there is a lot to consider in the way of quality before you even get to aesthetics.


In any given pair of western boots, you might want to find features like rugged soles that are welted on with a Goodyear welt, or offer the protection of full-grain leather that just can’t be matched. You may want to consider features like toe shape that make it easier to get your food in and out of a stirrup. At the same time, you might want to consider boots for women that are breathable or ventilated in order to keep you cool in the heat. These are only some features you might desire - there are more, but to determine them, you’ll have to do some digging.

Stylish Boots

At the same time that you might want a pair of boots primarily for work, there are times when you’ll want to doll yourself up to look your finest, and a pair of boots can really set the stage for that. Any given pair of western boots may be finely dyed and stitched or present interesting patterns to match with the other elements of your ensemble. As it turns out, in a good pair of cowgirl boots you can have a protective quality and unrivaled style.

Why Not Have Both?

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