7 Flowering Succulents to Enhance the Beauty of Your Ambiance

7 Flowering Succulents to Enhance the Beauty of Your Ambiance

Succulents are extensively popular indoor plants as they foster the exquisiteness of dwellings. Cactus, burro’s tail, aloe vera are some succulents that we perceive in most of the houses. But when buying flowering plants to embellish our home we don’t even think about succulents. Maybe, it is because most of us are not aware of such blooming succulents, which bloom seasonally and some of those keep producing flowers throughout the year. The online florists you often contact to get midnight flower delivery in gurgaon may also have an oversupply of these plants.


Here you can find out 7 flowering succulents for potting in your apartment to achieve an exotic ambiance.

Prickly Peer Cactus


As the name says, it is a member of the cactus family with spiky leaves. This is one of the species of opuntia genus. If you are searching for a blossomed plant, then enrich your collection picking prickly pear cactus. You can observe the buds on middle spring that turn big orange, yellow, or pink colored blossoms as the summer comes. The flower finally produces nutritious fruits. You can have it raw or can be used in the preparation of jam or jelly. Surprisingly, the leaf of this plant is also edible. Just beware of its spikes as it may cause the incision to your skin.

Christmas Cactus

The name of the plant is inspired by its blooming season. Probably, the most beautiful flowered succulent blooms at the time of Christmas. Almost 3-feet in height, this plant produces red, pink, white color flowers. This plant grows well in slightly moist soil rather than very dry desert soils. So keep hydrating it before the buds come unless this will start spilling its leaves. Place the pot in an area so that it gets a modest amount of direct sunlight for a couple of hours. Repot the plant after each flowering season.

Desert Rose

This plant is easy to grow in open space as it gets up to 10 feet taller. The bright sunlight helps in the blossoming during spring and summer. The blooms come in exciting red, pink, and coral hues with white tints at the center. This woody-stemmed plant needs water weekly during the summer. You can apply water fortnightly throughout the winter. You need to be a bit cautioned while getting closer to it as it is very poisonous will harm you if you get contacted with it. Rinse your hands with antiseptic lotion if you touch it.

Orchid Cactus

The succulent with awesome red, white, purple, orange, pink color cupped flowers fits best in a hanging pot as its stems lean down up to 2-feet long. Don’t put it under direct sunlight. Keep watering this plant during the winter also as after this season it starts blooming. As the buds appear, do not navigate the pots, else it will start spilling the buds. Procure this kind of succulents from Bloomsvilla magnifying your apartment’s charm.

Pincushion Cactus

This is the easiest to grow cacti that can tolerate little to no water environments. It has funnel-shaped flowers, which may have pink, light magenta, white, yellow or reddish hues. This round-shaped plant is surrounded by golden spines. Put it in sandy soil so that the water drains out quickly. Put it in a place that it receives direct sunlight for less than four hours.

Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana

Pick this perennial to ornate your living rooms with lovely pink blossoms throughout the year. Give some span between watering otherwise sogginess may cause plant decaying. It must get ample sunlight and a temperature range of 16° to 30° C. Arrange a good drainage system for its longevity and healthy blooming.

Purple Ice Plant

This plant looks exorbitantly beautiful all over the summer and autumn with purple, orange and bi-colored flowers. This plant thrives in extreme cold with almost no care. This plant grows rapidly. In the humid area, the plant loses its cold resistance vigor. Place it under the direct sun and sandy loam soil. Arrange the pot in a way so that the excess water drains out easily. Water this plant weekly throughout the summer and stop giving water during the winter.


Now you got a vast idea about flowering succulents and how to maintain them. Garner these indoor plants to have a posh look of your apartment.