We always want to make our home as comfortable as possible. No matter the size, there are great ways to transform any room into one that's fresh, relaxing, and elegant. Here are the top 8 life-changing ways you can redecorate any room in your house.

  • Make your bed luxurious with a headboard pillow

A great-looking bed with an awesome headboard can surely enhance the look and feel of the room. Unfortunately, that won't be enough to make your sleep any more comfortable. What you can do, however, is choose the right pillow for a comfortable and relaxed sleep. Having a headboard pillow can transform your room, making it a room you never want to leave. It can also make your bed look clean and finished even if your room doesn't have too much space.

  • Add a few plants

Changing up the look and feel of your space doesn't need to be costly. There are ways to make it elegant and relaxing without buying new furniture or decorative pieces. One great way is to add a touch of greenery into the room by using plants. Indoor plants are excellent at breathing a fresh new look to any room, help clear the air from toxins, and make it a more inviting room to chill and relax. If you're not particularly gifted at keeping plants alive, there are hardy indoor ones that thrive even in the worst kind of neglect and only require very minimal attention.

  • Decorate with purpose

Decorating can be a fun and a great way to change up a room's look but if the pieces don't serve any function; those are really just taking up space in the room. For those with limited space, decorating with purpose is a great way to make even a cramped room inviting and relaxing. Decorating with purpose means choosing pieces that have meaning or incite inspiration - a beautiful family picture hung on a wall, pillows with inspirational messages, pieces brought from travels are one awesome idea to use.

  • Under-the-bed storage

Living in a tight space means having very limited storage space. But there are ways to circumvent it by exploring hidden spots around the house you can convert into storage. One great idea is using the space under the bed that normally only collects dust. Use it to store your clothes by putting them in bins you can easily pull in and out. You can even use it to store some of your books that won't fit on your shelf anymore. It's also a great way to store extra linens and pillowcases.

  • Slim light switches

Here's a great yet simple way to make any room look clean and elegant without changing too much. Change your light switches to one that is simple, elegant, and hi-tech. There are many switches available in the market that connect to the WiFi and can be controlled through your mobile device. They can also be set up to turn on and off automatically. And what's more, they're incredibly easy to install and relatively inexpensive.

  • Add a mirror

If you want to upgrade a room, you can do so by adding a mirror. This easy and inexpensive idea will make a world of difference. Mirrors are known to make small spaces look larger and they also add more brightness into the room by bouncing the light around. They can be pricey, yes, but there are inexpensive ones you can purchase at garage sales, second-hand stores, and even your local giant grocery chain. Mirrors are also a nifty way to conceal a spy wireless camera.

  • Putting a rug

An awesome rug can completely change a room's look and feel in a matter of seconds. They're a great way to add a pop of color, not to mention hide dust and dirt. Rugs also look nice and help protect your floor from damage. Whether you choose a small one or a room-sized rug, your options are almost unlimited. You can go for affordable ones or splurge and buy one that is hand-made and imported.

  • Basket idea

Woven baskets are in vogue at the moment. They're great as home decor options because they add an element of natural craftsmanship to the room. They are also great storage options other than expensive drawers or unsustainable plastic bins.