Best Practices for Packaging and Industrial Strapping

Best Practices for Packaging and Industrial Strapping

The packaging and delivery industry is highly important nowadays and highly in demand . It is critical  to deliver a package to a customer’s place with both the item that is packed and the packaging intact. Delivering the packet is not only important but right packing also matters. Woven Polyester Cord Strapping Manufacturers are providing strong and affordable straps for packing the goods of the customers. Here are some of the benefits of Cord Strapping :

Less Expensive

This Polyester cord strapping is less expensive than steel strapping. Polyester cord strap has smooth border and is gentle and it is widely used for hand applications. This strapping can be tied tightly using inexpensive strapping tools and thus eliminating expensive tool repairs. Polyester cord strap is lighter than steel strapping and it allows easy packing and flexibility.

Safe to use

This Polyester cord strapping is safe to use and dispose  off easily. This strapping is easy to use for fitting and can eliminate expensive tool repairs. Woven Strapping Suppliers are supplying  strong strappings and they are safe for use even for fragile materials.

Highly Elastic

These Polyester cord strapping is highly elastic and it is popularly used for packing and delivering various products.


These Polyester cord strappings are easy to carry and can be transferrable from one place to the other. It is lightweight, it is less expensive than steel and it is widely used by the  packing industry.

Clean and Rust Resistance

These Polyester cord strapping are clean, and rust resistance in comparison with steel strapping and it is a huge benefit  for the packing industry.

While you are running a packing and strapping business, there are certain considerations you need to make:

Choosing the right strapping material

There are various strapping material used such as  steel, polypropylene, Nylon, paper, composite and Polyester.

Select  the appropriate strapping for the package

For better packaging and proper security while transitioning, the linear breaking strength  of the strap should be sufficient for the package . However, this estimation is to be made in advance for better accuracy. Using a stronger polyester cord strap for a lighter package is wastage. Stronger straps are more  expensive so better selection is more economical.

Use the right jointing method for strap

Packing the material with right strap can be great solution and it is economical. The appropriate jointing method is  very important while packing in order to ensure the security of your package at the time of transportation.

Keep Packages Protected

During loading and unloading the packaging can be damaged  and the right strapping is the  best for transporting goods  from one place to other. These polyester cord strapping spread the force of the strapping and it does not crimp the edges  of the boxes. While delivering fragile items, this strapping  is the best choice to protect the contents with multiple straps on the package.

For delivering a good packaging material, it is intended that using strapping will gain a good reputation in customers’ eyes. It will result into more businesses after that. So, if you want to increase your business you should take the initiative to tie the boxes with quality strappings. Packing the goods  with great care will bring more business and also uplift your reputation in the industry.


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