What to See In Medical Merchant Services

What to See In Medical Merchant Services

Medical service providers will need proper POS solutions that fit their needs. You can find a medical merchant services solution that fits your practice with many features. But it must meet all compliance standards to protect everyone’s data and privacy.

A Thorough POS Setup

An average POS setup for a medical service provider should be comprehensive. It should include many secure features to keep every patient’s payment and personal information secure. Retail merchants services can provide POS setups that offer full encryption and PCI compliance to ensure no one’s data will be lost or exposed. Your system can also utilize physical card transactions that don’t require CVV numbers, ensuring it will be impossible for peoples’ cards to be utilized if any data is ever lost.

Support For Many Insurance Options

Many people who use medical services will pay for them with various insurance programs. Your merchant services account should accept funds from insurance companies that reimburse you for whatever expenses people might hold.


Your merchant service account can link to any insurance acceptance accounts you utilize in your setup. You may be part of an insurance network, for example. Listing your network information will be critical for ensuring what you hold is managed right.

HIPAA Compliance

Your medical merchant services must comply with HIPAA standards. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act states that all patient data must be kept safe and secure. Everything should also be confidential to where it will only be in the proper network you utilize and will not be spread to other places without one’s permission. Retail merchants services should meet all HIPAA compliance points alongside the PCI compliance standards necessary.


Medical merchant services are vital for handling all payments at your practice. Be sure your services are secure and that you are handling your payments well.