Gateway to Relaxation: Handpicked Weekend Retreats around Bangalore

In the Silicon City of Bangalore, where the pace of life is restless there is a need for relaxation which is essential for an individual to have some weekends at the amazing spots. Fortunately, the garden city is surrounded by wonderful landscapes that serve as the best weekend gateways from Bangalore for those who need relaxation. If the person is a nature lover and seeks adventure or someone who wants peace then the outskirts of Bangalore offer a variety of handpicked weekend retreats to cater to all the preferences. 

1. Nandi Hill Retreat

This location is 60km away from Bangalore, It is a very relaxing place that offers breathtaking views and the climate is pleasant. There are many greenery places with historical forts and a beautiful deep lake which is an ideal place for weekends. They can also explore Nandi Hills fort, through the Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace. To reach the top of the Nandi Hills it takes only 3 hours so you can get a wonderful view of sunset and sunrise.

2. Windflower Prakruthi Resort and Spa 

For those who prefer expensive and luxurious places then Windflower Prakruthi Resort and Spa is the better destination. There are 7 acres of lush landscapes, which offer a blend of comfort and luxurious feeling while staying in this resort. Including Spa facilities, nature walk places, and lakeside views give you the best destination for spending your weekend with your family or partner.

3. Guhantara Resort 

If you want to step into a unique experience of the underground resort then Guhantara Resort is here which gives you an amazing experience. There is a cave accommodation with adventure activities and an underground restaurant which gives you very delicious food. Guhantara provides a distinctive retreat for those seeking something out of the ordinary.

4. Shilhaandara Resort 

It is a nice place surrounded by the Ramanagara; Shilhaandara Resort is the best place for those who want to spend their precious time in nature of beauty without compromising modern amenities. There are many other amenities in this resort-like a swimming pool, outdoor sports, and a spa so there are many recreational activities. This resort is well structured and well maintained so you can enjoy this spot for your weekend.

5. Kanakapura 

This place is famous and known for its scenic beauty and diverse attractions. Kanakapura is a short drive from Bangalore, making it an accessible weekend spending time. In the nearby area, there are lots of activities from exploring the Bananthimari Betta for trekking lovers to enjoying the water activities at the Art of Living International Center. The greenery scenery makes a peaceful environment in Kanakapura which also makes a heaven for relaxation. 

6. Coorg

Coorg is known as the “Scotland of India” consider the best location for a hill station located approximately 260 km away from Bangalore. Surrounding by coffee vegetation, covered hills, and cascading waterfalls. Coorg is an ideal place for nature lovers as it looks more beautiful during rainy seasons. We can also explore the Abbey fFalls through the coffee estates, or engage in adventurous activities like river rafting in the Barapole River.

7. Kabini         

If your checklist is with wildlife and luxury on your weekend plans then Kabini is the head of your checklist situated around 200 km from Bangalore. Known for its biodiversity. It offers the perfect blend of nature and luxury. There is a boat safari along the Kabini River to spot the elephants, leopards, and exotic birds. After an adventure day, relax in a luxury resort by looking at the water scenery.

8. Mysuru

This place is famous for its palaces and rich cultural heritage. Mysuru is just 143 km away from Bangalore. You can spend your time exploring the Mysuru Palace, going through the Brindavan Gardens, and visiting the Chamundi Hills for a panoramic view of the city. Mysuru offers the best place for architecture, history, and serenity. 

9. Vythiri Village Resort 

There is just a short drive from Bangalore; Vythiri Village Resort in Wayanad offers a lush escape into Western Ghats. It is surrounded by dense forest and it provides accommodation eco-friendly on a treehouse and an Ayurvedic spa, opportunities for nature walks. It is a perfect blend of luxury and nature. 


Bangalore’s environment a myriad of weekend retreats ensures that residents tourists and locals should have ample opportunities to unwind and recharge. Whether the person is in the mood to take a spa, do adventure activities, or do yoga immersion they have diverse options and it is a gateway to relaxation in and around Bangalore.