How to Repair Corrupted BKF Files in Windows 10, 11, and Other Versions?

How to Repair Corrupted BKF Files in Windows 10, 11, and Other Versions?

Assuming you have a Windows 10 computer, are you attempting to restore a BKF file with it? In that case, read on, since we'll discuss how to open and repair corrupted bkf files in windows, 8, 7, and other platforms.


Everyone is aware that the NT Backup application may be used to back up data on Windows computers. Windows Backup, bundled with Microsoft Windows NT and later versions, uses the BKF file format to store backups. BKF files are often used to safeguard, back up, and recover files and data saved on a computer's ZIP drive. Therefore, in this post, we will teach you how to manually and automatically repair corrupted bkf files in windows, 8, and 7. Awareness of such weaknesses is essential.


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Behind the Reasons for BKF File Corruption

The corruption of digital data is very rare in today's digital world, regardless of the format in which the data was initially stored. A BKF file may get corrupted just like any other file type. Some examples are as follows:


  1. The BKF files get corrupted due to the sudden power outage. For instance, if you are in the middle of upgrading a backup file and your computer breaks, you might lose all of your hard work and the data in it.

  1. Virus infections are the most prevalent cause of BKF file corruption. There is a risk of BKF file corruption if the machine has a virus and unlicensed software is being run.

  1. Users may also bear some of the blame for corrupted backups. In addition to malicious add-ons or using an old version of backup software, human error is a common cause of BKF file corruption.

There are many more reasons why a BKF file could get corrupted, but for the time being, we need to focus on learning how to repair corrupted bkf files in windows.

Method 1: Using Manual Method to Restore BKF Files in Windows 10

To fix damaged BKF files, you may use Microsoft's NTBackup.exe program. Let's have a look at how the procedures outlined below may be used in Windows 10 to restore BKF files.


  1. To enter administrator mode, the user must first go to the directory where expansion is kept.

  2. When prompted, choose OK to continue with the Removable Store Service.

  3. The backup/restore wizard will load in a new window with the title Welcome. Just hit the Next button if you're ready to go on.

  4. Click the Next button after you've decided to restore your information and preferences.

  5. Now, the user should choose the BKF files by selecting the Browse button. After you've made your file selections, hit the "OK" button.

  6. The next step is to access the left pane, where the necessary files may be selected. Select OK to proceed.

  7. When you are prepared, go to the next level by selecting the "Advanced" button.

  8. For the finished files to be saved, the user must choose the Original location from the Restore files drop-down menu. Now, click the Next button.

  9. The finish will conclude the process of fixing the damaged BKF files.

Limitations of Manual Solutions 

Although the manual method has its limitations, it may be used to repair corrupted bkf files in windows. Before attempting to manually repair corrupted BKF files, users should be aware of these limitations. Just a few examples:


  1. In order to get your data back from a BKF file, you'll need to go through a lengthy and complicated procedure.

  2. The native tool can only deal with mild corruption since it lacks the resources to deal with severe corruption.

  3. The EXE program necessitates shared.dll executable files and Windows XP or later to execute.


This automatic tool can repair damaged .bkf files if you're having trouble doing it manually. It's the safest and most efficient method to repair corrupted bkf files in windows. Its primary purpose is to facilitate the restoration of corrupt BKF files.

Method 2: Using Professional Solutions to Repair Corrupted BKF Files

If you're having problems restoring corrupted .bkf files manually, use our automated 4n6 Windows BKF Repair Tool instead. When it comes to recovering BKF files on Windows 10, this is the most trustworthy and effective way. Its primary purpose is to facilitate the restoration of corrupt BKF files.

How to Use BKF File Corruption Software?

  1. Firstly, Download the BKF file corruption software and then install it

  2. Then press the Open button, and then upload the bkf file 

  3. After that, press the Action tab and then choose the Extract option 

  4. Lastly, select the desired path for the output and then press the save button 


I've covered how to restore and repair corrupted bkf files in Windows, 8, and 7. Both manual and automated methods of BKF file recovery have been examined. The DIY (manual) method has a number of shortcomings and is not advised in favor of employing specialized software, such as the BKF Recovery application. Users may evaluate the software by downloading a trial version.