How to Deal with an Angry Kid

How to Deal with an Angry Kid

A child can get angry at minor things. He/she might get frustrated, irritated and aggressive easily. Sometimes when kids want something and can’t express it through proper feelings, they react negatively. It is necessary to ensure that kids are calmed and treated with love to enable them to lose their anger. Certain things or ways might help you out in dealing with an angry kid.

Making kids learn about feelings

When a child is angry, he doesn’t know that it is the anger he/she is feeling. This causes them to lash out in whatever way they find it easy. Similarly, a sad child might irritate you and misbehave to get your attention. It is therefore required that you help kids learn to recognize their feelings.


By pointing out, “You seem to be angry,” or, “You look sad”, might help your child recognize the difference in their feelings over time. That way, you can expect answers of yes or no gradually making the child learn to verbalize instead of act out.


Preschools in Abu Dhabi has trained staff that looks over the actions and expressions of kids. Any sign of sadness or anger enables a calming set of operations by educators.

Planning Calming Techniques

  1. Diversion Calming techniques

It is necessary to teach kids that it is not right to lash out in anger. Throwing things, banging tables and toys and even shouting gibberish, are all signs of anger. Instead of doing that, teach kids to count. Make them take deep breaths, count to 20, or take a walk to divert their minds and calm down.

  1. Turning Away

Teach the kids that when they feel angry, they must leave what they are doing, go to their rooms and come back after they have calmed. This ensures that kids learn to stop reacting and start self-calming.

  1. Calming Kit

Another great way to help your child turn the anger to something better is by planning a calm down kit. That kit should contain things that your kid loves like color books and crayons, favorite storybook, favorite toys, and so on. Whenever your kid gets angry, ask him/her to get his calm down kit and spend time with them to help reign in the anger. Nurseries in Abu Dhabi always keep a calm down kit handy for this purpose.

Expressing Ineffectiveness of Anger Display

It is important that you do not let the anger of the kids make you take favorable decisions. For example, if a child is throwing tantrum for a toy, getting him/her that ensures learning that tantrums work. This would only get worse over time. Make them calm down through other ways instead of giving in.

Follow through with Consequences

If a child throws a toy in anger, make sure you give him/her a time out or take a certain privilege away to make them realize that anger is not good. If the kids break something, make them help you work to either mend it or give away one of their favorite toys for a small duration. This will inculcate the learning, ‘every action will have a reaction,’ in the long run.

Avoid showcasing Violent Shows on TV

Children get influenced by cartoons and other TV shows. Make sure that when they are watching, you do not watch a violent movie or TV show. Children must also not be shown any violent and improper cartoons. Only those with good learning must be played. Additionally, avoiding TV and indulging them in books, outdoor games, and sports and activities is a great way to enable good mental and physical development.


Several preschools in Abu Dhabi promote this strongly.

Contribution of Nurseries to Anger Management

Montessori Nurseries in Abu Dhabi are few of the preschools to have a well-qualified staff consisting of some talented psychology-based as well. Due to the different specific settings as curriculum, Nurseries ensure that every student is kept a diligent eye on for any feelings that conflict with what should be. Identifying feelings of anger, sadness and loneliness is a prime motive of educators to step in and take appropriate actions promptly.