Interesting facts about cities in Poland

Interesting facts about cities in Poland

Poland is a country in Central Europe that has existed for a thousand years. There are many monuments and places that are getting to know  more and more tourists from all over the world.The  portal invites you to read interesting facts ciekawostki about selected cities in Poland 

City of Lodz
Lodz is not a tourist city, but it is visited by many tourists. Piotrkowska Street in Łodz is the longest shopping street in Europe. Many people spend their time in the cafes and pubs located here during the holidays.

Lodz is an industrial city, where once there were many factories. Many of them have been transformed into places of entertainment and culture in recent years. Examples of such old and modern architecture are the EC1 shopping center and Manufaktura. The past and the present are wonderfully combined here.
Karpacz is a city in the south of Poland. It is a center of winter sports and a center of summer recreation. The districts that make up Karpacz used to be separate villages. 

The most interesting monument that you should see when visiting Karpacz is the wooden temple of Wang. It was once built by the Vikings in  Norway, and then moved to Karpacz. The temple was bought by the  Prussian King Frederick William IV for the museum in Berlin, but in 1842, at the request of Countess Frederica von Reden, the monarch  decided to transfer the temple to the Evangelical parish in Mostowa Gora (now part of Karpacz). Today in Norway there are only a dozen such  temples, and in Poland only one - the one in Karpacz. 

Bemowo, a district of Warsaw
On September 20, 1996, the only concert of the king of pop music,  Michael Jackson, took place in  Poland. The event took place on the tarmac and was watched by almost 120,000 people. viewers. On  August 15, 2009, the first Madonna concert in Poland took place at Bemowo  Airport. Tickets were bought by almost 80,000 fans of the artist. The rock band AC/DC gave a concert in the same place in 2010. For the next two years, Metallica, Slayer, Iron Maiden and Motorhead also performed here.


Bydgoszcz used to be called "Bydgoszcz". The first written mention of Bydgoszcz comes from the chronicle of Gallus Anonymus, who described the city in the times of King Boleslaw Krzywousty. Legend has it that Bydgoszcz was founded by two brothers, Byd and Gost. It is from their names that thecity is supposedly named.

A well-known Bydgoszcz legend is the legend of the Hanged Island. It is connected with an island on the Brda River and tells the story of the unhappy love between a noblewoman and a raftsman.


Olsztyn is the capital of two regions of Warmia and Mazury and the largest city of the Warmian- Masurian Voivodeship. Centuries ago, the famous astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus lived here. A magnificent medieval castle still stands here today. This part of the country is called the "Green Lungs of Poland". There are forests and a huge number of lakes. During the holidays, Masuria is visited by many tourists.

In the photo: Happy Skyscraper in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. The smiling traveler has been visiting cities around the world since 2012. It is a symbol of the Good Humor Party - an international organization. Its  president is an event caricaturist - Szczepan Sadurski. He is called one of the fastest caricaturists in the world.