The Quality of Pillsbury Bakers’ Plus Cake Mix

The Quality of Pillsbury Bakers’ Plus Cake Mix

Pillsbury is one of the largest conglomerates in the world that specializes in producing raw ingredients and mixes for bakers all over the world. Today they generate over 2 billion dollars in annual revenue, and their success is no accident. It is a name that is recognizable across generations and one that is synonymous with quality; quality in the kitchen and quality on the table. Pillsbury produces many crowd favorites, and for that reason, it’s hard to visit any domestic kitchen without setting the familiar blue and white logo stamped across one package or another in the cabinet.

If you’re looking for a pre-made cake mix that is easier to produce than most other alternatives and can save you time and money over making cake batter from scratch, then you should consider Pillsbury Bakers’ Plus Cake Mix. Pillsbury Baker’s Plus Cake Mix, which is available in a number of pre-mixed flavors and configurations, is not just convenient for the selection, it will also mix up to create a cake that won’t crack or crumble and will please the critics and crowds time and time again.


This cake mix could not be easier to mix into a viable batter and you can find convenient instructions, along with videos on how to do so, right on Stover & Company’s website, For example, if you take a look at their page for Pillsbury Bakers’ Plus Yellow Cake Mix, you will find not only instructions that are easy to follow but even a video that you can follow along with to make the process even more approachable. You’ll be mixing up industrial quantities of cake mix that won’t crack or crumble so your cakes will be easier to handle in order for decoration. That makes this cake mix ideal for bakers who really get involved with their decorations. Since their Bakers’ Plus White Cake mix can stand up beautifully to excessive handling for elaborate decoration, you can also produce with less scrap as well.


Check out the link above and you can read a quick bit on how to add water and oil to and use your mixer to produce a wonderfully smooth batter that will create a delicious cake that will amaze your critics whether on grounds of its visual appeal, its texture or its flavor. It couldn’t be easier; in fact, you are part of the way there. All you need is a little more know-how and of course some cake mix.


Naturally, you might be here not because you need to learn about the virtues of Pillsbury products but because you’re just looking for a supplier who can get you a good price on a large quantity of the stuff to meet your bakery’s needs. In that event, you can’t go wrong with Stover & Company either. Check out their collection of Pillsbury products in addition to the cake mix listed above and then contact their team at 724-274-6314 to work out pricing. They treat every customer with the same esteem and would be more than happy to work out a deal with you.


While you’re shopping on their website, you probably won’t be able to help but notice that you can also find all of your baking essentials on their website, and you can get great deals on them, too. They offer not only cake mixes in bulk but also other raw ingredients along with all of the supplies you would need for decoration. The above holds true for these products - they will work with you to work out a pricing structure that works for both of you. If you need a supplier that will work with you and has everything you need, Stover & Company is the answer.


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