The Pros of Buying Medicines From Online Chemist Shops in India
The Pros of Buying Medicines From Online Chemist Shops in India

The Pros of Buying Medicines From Online Chemist Shops in India

Allowing people to buy prescription drugs and non-prescriptions OTC (Over The Counter) medications at discounted rates from the comfort of their homes, the online chemist shops have gained huge popularity in India. With online pharmacy stores, you don’t need to run pillar to post to find medicine in the time of need, just log in to the online pharmacy store page or app, place your order and the medicines will be delivered to your doorstep within a limited time frame and that too at discounted rates. You can find many online medicine stores and mobile apps for the same on the web to buy prescription drugs online in India and elsewhere around the globe.

How online drug stores work?

The online chemist shops in India stock a wide variety of drugs in large volumes. Firstly, a customer is required to submit a valid prescription for the medicines he wishes to purchase to the online drug store app or site. Once the online store validates the prescription and confirms the availability of the drugs required, it asks the customers to make payment for it. Unlike offline stores, online medicine shops allow customers to make payment once the item is delivered at their doorsteps. Once the customer selects the payment mode and confirms the order, the online store ships the items to the customer. In case of damaged or wrong products delivered, customers can return the ordered items and get a full refund.

What to look for when buying medicines online?

  • Buying medicine over the internet can make life a lot easier. But there are a couple of factors that you need to consider when you are buying drugs from online stores.
  • Make sure the site asks for a valid prescription and has a pharmacist available for questions.
  • Buy only from licensed and registered online pharmacies in India.
  • Before trusting an online drug store for buying medicine, go through the testimonials and research about them online.
  • Don\'t provide personal information such as credit card numbers unless you are sure the site will protect them.


  • Online pharmacies offer better pricing than brick and mortar stores with increased access.
  • With online medicine stores, you can compare the prices of drugs and buy them with a click of a mouse.
  • Besides lower medicine costs, they ensure convince and greater anonymity for customers.
  • They offer accessibility to people with limited mobility and customers in remote areas.
  • The online stores provide personalized medicine reminder service and doorstep delivery to customers
  • They validate the prescription through licensed pharmacists before shipping the drugs.
  • In case you have lost the prescription or have doubts regarding any OTC drug, the online stores have licensed medical practitioners to assist you.
  • Online drug shops in India offer huge discounts on first orders and give discounts to regular customers too.
  • A patient suffering from an ailment for which he is embarrassed to go to a local store can easily opt to order prescription drugs online.
  • Information about substitutes and adverse effects is also available on these sites.
  • Opt for online chemist shops in India to buy prescription drugs at affordable rates and from the comfort of your home.