Things to do in Texas

Things to do in Texas

Texas is a mostly suburban republican state in the south-central region of the United States of America. Often in the news for being a violent and lawless state, the region, however, is a serene one. With metropolitan cities like Houston and Dallas on one side to old traditional classic western towns on the other, the state has a lot to offer anyone interested in finding the beauty of this federal state.

If you plan to take a trip to this desert state shortly and have no idea what the city offers, we will suggest you go to this comprehensive article that contains a rough idea of the State’s landscape and what are things to do in Texas.

Stroll around San Antonio’s river walk.

Like every other river city, San Antonio’s beautiful river and the walk surrounding it are serene. The town runs along the whole river, and its side banks have been converted and designed into peaceful cultural sports with Eateries and wine shops and every corner.

If you want to have a lovely Wednesday evening and chill by the views of the river, spending your time here is a good idea. Furthermore, booking a riverboat to cruise around the city is one of the tops things to do in Texas.

Take a visit to The Alamo.

One of the most famous historic places in Texas, this influential building completed construction in 1744 by a Franciscan group and converted into a fort by 1836.

The place holds importance to the Texas Revolution, which involved a small group of rebels infiltrating this iconic monument and rising against the forceful Mexican rule. 

This place is still a highly prestigious tourist spot, and hence, many airlines offer discounted flights and tourism packages involving this fort. You can also approach Aeromexico Telefono services to get you an affordable deal.

Explore the Space Centre in Houston.

This space center may look like a touristy site. However, this space museum, 30 minutes away from Houston, is a highly educational and exciting place to hang around. The site deals with space information, space artifacts and might even meet an Astronaut yourself. 

The space center also houses the Johnson Space center and mission control which is a highly in-demand tour. The center boasts an insightful view of the world’s most extensive space program with countless exhibits and other NASA aspects.

Padre Island National Seashore.

The world’s most extended undeveloped barrier island, the Padre islands are just just a short drive away from the core city of Corpus Christ. Famous for their diverse animals and birds, these small groups of lands are resting home to more than 350 species of birds and water turtles.


Seizing these islands is one of the top things to do in Texas, for sure. Spread across an area of 130,000 acres, the group has numerous beaches, dunes, and even equatorial grassland vegetation.

The sixth-floor museum

Wondering why this small Texas School Book Depository in Dallas is on this list? Well, the sixth floor of this building is the same infamously iconic place from where the fatal shot to John F. Kennedy’s head took place.

Now turned into a Museum, the place is dedicated to former president Kennedy and has many artifacts from his life. The monument holds accounts of John’s life before and after being a president and how he changed the world in his tenure.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Located on the state’s northwestern corner, this national park is home to the region’s four tallest mountain peaks. Famous for the abundance of wildlife, including exotic and extinct species, this place is a very popular mountaineering trail of 80 kilometers.

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Visit the lonely Grave of Paula Schultz.

As horrible as it may sound, it’s not at all what you all are thinking. The Grave of Paula Schultz is an iconic shooting location at the end of Dallas city. It has been famously used by the iconic director Quentin Tarantino in his cult movies. 

To this day, this barren graveyard is an exciting place for all the movie buffs coming to the state, and you might as well visit if you are one.