Tips for Buying a Flatbed Trailer

Tips for Buying a Flatbed Trailer

Flatbed trailer is a specific kind of trailer that is used for carrying heavy containers and cargo. The shipping facilities use such kind of trailer to ship goods from one terminal to another. The equipment is made of steel frame which is enormously sturdy, along with that it has brakes and lights. There are different sizes of trailers vary from 20 ft to 53ft. You need to purchase a trailer that fulfills your need.

Here, in this article you are going to get some tips to choose trailer. So, let’s look at those essential tips to get a Used Flat Bed Tri- Axle Trailers UK.

Factors to Consider


While you are going to buy a flatbed trailer, the primary factor that you need to consider is size. You already know that there are different sizes of trailer, which are meant for specific purposes. You need to identify your purpose to get the right size. If you are transporting small amount of cargo goods then, the minimum size will work for you. In that case, you need a seller who has variety of sizes.


When a container is meant for carry heavy goods, it has to have a loading capacity. While you are buying a trailer you need to take this attribute into consideration. However, the loading capacity of a trailer is proportional to its size. The capacity varies from 0 tons to 80 tons. On the other hand, the capacity of a trailer is abided by the law of the specific country.

Hence, while you are purchasing a trailer you need to have an idea whether the authority is permitting it. If you are looking for huge loading capacity, you need to choose a seller that offers extra support system with the trailer. You need to know that there are trailers that come with two to three axles.


Axles offer extra support to the trailer to the flatbed trailer. The more the number of axles present in the trailer the more it can carry load. However, there is law of using axles in a trailer. You can configure a trailer depending on the law.


Depending on the capacity of the trailer, tires are used. The authority of the state regulates the type tire one can use in a trailer. If your trailer is for carrying heavy capacity, then you need to know the law. There are single-wheel trailer and double-wheel trailers. In the case of single-wheel trailer the weight has to be distributed evenly.

Types of Corners

Flatbed trailer requires either tapered or straight corners. You need to have proper idea regarding the advantages of choosing each type of corner. The tapered corner corners give more radiuses compared to straight corners. It makes the pulling easier; so if you are looking for extra load you can go for tapered corners.

Therefore, these are the factors that will help you to get the right flatbed trailer. You need a reliable seller who offer steel-made trailer.

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