Top 3 Beauty tips and tricks at home

Top 3 Beauty tips and tricks at home

Are you the one who is looking for the best beauty tips and tricks that can be followed at home? Then in this article, I am sharing the top beauty tips and tricks that you never knew existed. The simple beauty tips and tricks which do not require any type of investment. Please beauty tips and tricks can be followed by anyone, anywhere and anytime.

We all continuously strive hard to look beautiful. Yes, it is right that you can do anything towards the beauty destination. If you are also one who is trying hard to look beautiful try these beauty tips which are easy to follow at home? Read the beauty tips in more details by clicking here Beauty tips and tricks you never knew before.

Top 3 Beauty tips and tricks at home

In this article, I am going to share the beauty tips and tricks related to compact powder, foundation, and highlighter.

  1. Tip for best compact powder

Today I am going to share the beauty tip for the best compact powder that will suit your skin tone. We all fail to get that perfect compact powder that will suit our skin tone. I tried everything to get the desired result and found one beauty tip which is can successfully do this. 

To get the best compact powder tone according to your skin tone you need to combine two shades that is - one darker and lighter shade of compact powder. Combine both powders proportionately and find the perfect tone according to your skin. Believe me, this compact powder looks so natural and no patchy look. Do try this beauty tip for compact powder.

Many of them have a question about which compact powder is best. According to my experience, the best compact powder that I will suggest is MAC studio fix. No compact powder can beat the quality of this fine compact powder. If you want to read more details about this compact powder you can read it here Top 10 Best Compact Powder. In this article, I have explained it in more detail.

  1. Beauty tips for foundation

Here I am going to share the top beauty tips for the proper application of foundation. It is very simple; you just have to mix a little of your moisturizer with the foundation. By using this beauty tip the application of the foundation becomes very easy and smooth. It gives you a very natural look without any patches on your skin. The foundation looks very natural and neutral. And, also sets into your skins taking the tone of your skin. Try these easy beauty tips at home and let me know your results.

The best moisturizer that I will suggest for your space face skin is Nivea soft cream. Try your hands on this moisturizer.

  1. Beauty tips for highlighter

We all love to have that extra glam look that we get from a highlighter. But we all look for such option of highlighter which is cheapest. Today I will reveal to you the best highlight with an extra glow effect that to which is only for rupees 10 only. Do you know want to know that highlighter? It is none other than Vaseline. In absence of any highlighter, you can use petroleum jelly - Vaseline as your highlighter. Believe me it gives the same glow as that of the highlighter.


To conclude the best beauty tips and tricks that you can try at home. Hope this works with you as effectively as it worked for me. Share your experience as well.