Top 5 Causes For Rejection Of Your Canada Visa Application

Top 5 Causes For Rejection Of Your Canada Visa Application

Rejection of Canada Visa applications is the biggest obstacle for people seeking to work study and settle in Canada. Several thousands of immigration aspirants apply for Canada PR from India every year.

The refusal of your Canada Visa application could be due to diverse reasons. So if you are wondering how to get Canada PR from India by avoiding refusal, here are the top 5 causes you must know:

Failure to offer adequate supporting credentials  

You have to offer supporting documents to prove that you have provided authentic information while applying for the Canada Visa. For instance, Study Permit applicants have to provide copies of their transcripts and degrees.

Meanwhile, Work Visa applicants have to offer reference letters from the employer/s. It must include their hours of work, number of years of employment, roles, and responsibilities. Your Visa can be refused if you are unable to offer adequate supporting documentation to support your claims.

Inadequate proof to demonstrate you can maintain yourself monetarily  

Irrespective of whether your purpose of visiting Canada is to work, study or tourism; you have to offer adequate evidence that you will not a burden to Canada. You will have to demonstrate that you are able to support yourself while residing in Canada including any accompanying members of your family.

If you are not able to provide the required documentation to uphold your claim, it can result in the rejection of your Visa application. All overseas students seeking to obtain the Study Permit have to demonstrate their financial stability. This can be achieved by offering:

·         Evidence of their  Bank Account in Canada if they have transferred cash to Canada

·         Proof of education or student loan from a bank

·         GIC - Guaranteed Investment Certificate offered by a participating financial institution in Canada

·         Evidence of payment of housing and tuition fees

Applicants of a Canada Student Visa can confirm the required minimum funds for supporting themselves and accompanying family members if any from the IRCC website.

Incapability to establish your intention to return to your home nation  

You have to always keep in mind that a Tourist Visa or Student Visa is only a provisional Visa. It implies that it will have validity for a fixed period after which the Visa is not valid. So the applicants are required to offer adequate evidence of their intention to return to their home nation.

Offering evidence will make sure that you will not overstay in Canada after the expiry of the Visa. Your application can be rejected by the Visa Officer if they are not convinced about your return to your native nation after the Visa expiry.

As evidence, you can offer lease agreement copies of your property with certified translated copies.


For instance, consider that you are visiting Canada on a Tourist Visa and are a working professional. In this case, you can offer the employment letter that recognizes you as a permanent employee in your company. Also, you can offer documents that state the anticipated date on which you will resume work.

Lack of evidence to establish your good health  

You will require a medical exam if you plan to remain in Canada for 6 or more months. A medical exam may or may not be required if you plan to remain for less than 6 months. It will depend on the work that you intend to do.

The purpose of the medical exams is to make sure that the Visa applicants:

·         Do not possess an active infectious ailment like Syphilis or Tuberculosis than can endanger public health

·         Do not suffer from a loss of mental and physical abilities, violent or unpredictable behavior than can endanger public safety

If you cannot succeed in the medical exam and prove your sound health, your Visa application can be rejected.

Visa officer not sure about your purpose of visiting Canada  

If you are unable to convince the Visa Officers about your intention of arriving in Canada, your application can be refused. Canadian Immigration Officers want to be assured that you are visiting Canada for a lawful and positive purpose.

For instance, you have to prove that you are coming to Canada only for tourism, for attending a conference, or meeting your family (Tourist Visa). So you will not be overstaying.

If for any reason the Visa Officer is not satisfied with your purpose of arriving in Canada, they can disapprove your Visa application. The decision can also be influenced by your previous travel records such as overstaying in a different nation.

A Visa refusal can be really disheartening and create issues in fresh attempts to obtain any other Canada Visa.

You can obtain assistance from ICCRC-accredited Immigration Consultants at Nationwide Visas to re-apply for your Canada Visa and avoid any consequent complications in the application.