What Is Accredited Online School? How to choose the best one for your kids

What Is Accredited Online School? How to choose the best one for your kids

Online schools are your full introduction to online learning. With the ever-expanding number of courses to choose from, online registration is growing at an incredible rate. Accreditation is a process through which external agencies (so-called accreditor agencies) attribute a specific status to an online school to which the quality of the courses provided by that particular online School. The American International School in Dubai, among other schools in U.A.E, is famous for its diversity and professionalism. We are an international educator based in the USA and have been in Dubai since 2000.


We have a full KHDA license and offer eligible NCAA courses. Our American School Of Dubai is a U.S. independent, non-profit core curriculum school providing U.S. education. Our program provides students with fully digital, comprehensive online classes. We give online lessons through the support of certified teachers, interactive activities, and virtual studies conducted by teachers. The American School of Dubai and the environmental programs also make it easier for students to create a robust sports and skills development curriculum. Study with us from anywhere in the world anytime.

How to Find Your Kids' perfect online School

  •  Experience

Online education is still a growing medium. Search for a school which is a well-known brand, such as Icademy, a reputation for investing in the best technologies and online education methods. Visit the About Us" section of the School to learn how many years of online education it has and how many grades it has awarded.

  •  Accreditation

Icademy Middle East is an American Online School for kindergarten through grade 12 students accredited by NEASC. We have a complete KHDA license, offering eligible NCAA courses. We have a fully digital, rich online curriculum for our program students. In general, grades at accredited schools are more widely accepted by employers. We offer lessons online through support of certified teachers, interactive activities, and teacher-led virtual classroom sessions. That is important, especially when selecting an online degree because starting high-class schools is relatively easy.

  • Flexibility

Flexibility is one of the critical advantages of online schooling, and you should look for a school providing asynchronous training so that you can log in at your own time rather than on certain days. iCademy Middle East blends a school's benefits with flexibility in helping you and in personalizing your plans. Our blended learning model makes it possible for students to learn at home.

  • Learning Environment

An excellent learning environment can distinguish between an online course that is funny and frustrating. Even if you are not a computer expert, top schools have such system that are easily used and explored. Through our classroom technologies, you communicate intuitively with your students and teachers and give your online environment a personal feeling. Our online School offers regular lessons, advertising, online discussions, networking, and support resources to connect the experience.

  • Program Diversity

One of the main advantages of online schools is that they have a wide range of programs. Our curriculum's diversity allows you to take a range of choices and easily transition to higher education if your student shifts priorities or purposes. Study with us from anywhere else in the world, and students can complete their training work according to the calendar of courses. The material purchasing may be necessary; the Academic Coach/Consultant or Professor gives the list.

  • Career Services

Many online degree programs are career-driven, and you'll want to look for schools that can help you to build a strong career. You should search for schools that provide current and graduate students professional services. Schools with vast networks of graduates can provide additional resources for online and local professional networking.

  • Curriculum

The Middle East iCademy is a high-tech, American School of the curriculum for K.G. to Grade 12 students. Our School's distinctive essence is comprehensive education, enabled by a proven digital platform that improves the student's experience.


Our teachers and students have a strong classroom material, well arranged to promote learning environments through the learning management system. Our robust online curriculum gives students the chance to learn anywhere and anywhere.


Since much work involves online learning, virtual education scholars generally plan extracurricular activities for students. Parents should find out that they will participate in schools that are programs in a growing online setting that help students socialize. Students socializing services typically involve field trips and social clubs and should be an essential part of their students' learning experience.iCademy Middle East provides regular lessons and promotional and networking resources that connect the experience to the internet. iCademy Middle East offers interactive clubs for all students and two-month social events in the UAE. Considering it can be easy to get lost in the maze of information that parents have today. But parents will make sure they make the right choices with a bit of patience and the right amount of effort. Since it is crucial to enroll in an online school, parents should diligently enroll their children in an accredited high school online.