Where to Find the Best Couverture Chocolate

Whether you have extensive baking experience or very little, you’ll most likely come across the ingredient of couverture chocolate at one point or another. This form of chocolate is one that is commonly used to make up some of your favorite baked goods.

If you’re ever looking for that one ingredient that will provide you and others with an unforgettable flavor, you may want to consider using this in your next recipe.

So, what is couverture chocolate, and what makes it different from other chocolate?


For one, it is considered to be a much higher quality version of chocolate that is easy to work with when it comes to baking. The quality of this chocolate is credited to its high percentage of cocoa butter and cocoa solids.


When you temper this chocolate, you’ll be left with a rich, creamy texture and flavor. It tends to have great workability making it perfect to use for your baked good of choice.


If this is of interest to you and you’d like to give this a try, Stover & Company is the right store to purchase it from. The company is a baking and confectionery supply distributor that carries over 4000 products in stock.


From bakery ingredients and decorations to candy making supplies, chocolate, and more, they have everything you need to support your personal baking needs or your bakery operation.


Whenever you choose chocolate for baking, making sure it is coming from a reputable source is always important. This is especially important for couverture chocolate since it is already such a high-quality ingredient itself.


One of the reasons why Stover & Company has the best couverture chocolate selection to choose from is that they come from the highest brands in the baking industry. You can expect to find brands such as Peters Chocolate, Barry Callebaut, Semper Chocolates, and more.


The options are plentiful and there’s always something that will be of interest to you. At Stover & Company, they have a few types of chocolate categories to choose yours from. This includes dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white and ruby red.


Whatever you choose, your chocolate creations will instantly be elevated to the next level with a purchase from Stover & Company.


Another factor that makes Stover & Company the perfect destination to find the best couverture chocolate from is that there’s no right or wrong way to use it. Before purchasing, it never hurts to have an idea of what you’d like to make, just so that you can best gauge which type would work best for you.


Other than that, you have plenty of freedom to use the couverture chocolate as you wish. Some ideas include using it as a base ingredient, or as the main ingredient in your chocolate recipes. The choice is yours and Stover & Company provides you with the necessary essentials to create what you’d like.


If you ever want to get an idea for which option you’d like to buy, you can always filter out products based on what is best selling or featured on the website. Sometimes seeing what other people are interested in can serve as a source of guidance for you.


You can head over to stovercompany.com to begin purchasing some of the best couverture chocolate products today.

If you ever run into any questions about the products while shopping, you can easily reach the team at Stover & Company who will be available to answer any questions.


To get in touch with their team, you can call them at 724.274.6314. If email is preferred, you can send them one at info@stovercompany.com.


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