Why You Must Have Antivirus Installed on Your Computer

Why You Must Have Antivirus Installed on Your Computer

As internet usage becomes prolific throughout the world, we are becoming more liable to cyber attacks. Cybercrimes have become so prevalent that it has been predicted to cause $6 trillion dollars of financial damage by 2021. Data leaks, ransomware, and DDOS attack are becoming common nowadays and putting everyone at risk.


In order to protect yourself from such attacks, you must have effective antivirus software installed on your PC, smartphone, or tablet. A good antivirus software analyses your system searches for malicious files and security threats and alerts you of files that it deems suspicious so you can rest assured. 

Here are a few reasons why antivirus software is important:

Viruses make your computer slow

When a computer is affected by a virus or malware, it tends to slow down significantly. Viruses can take a lot of space, execute malicious actions in the background, hinder the basic operations of the PC, and make it difficult for users to access the basic functions of the computer. At the end of the day, a virus-infected computer will not function properly and can make it a frustrating experience for the users.

Data Protection

Every day, a lot of unsuspecting users fall victim to elaborate virus attacks by hackers. Some of these viruses are designed to steal user data, overtaking user’s social media handles, and phish and exploiting financial data. With a decent antivirus on your side like the McAfee support system, you can rest assured that your PC is safe from such attacks.

Data loss prevention

If your computer gets infected with a virus, chances are you might have to format your entire drive in order to get rid of the virus. If you have not backed up your data on an external drive, you might have to say goodbye to your personal data once and for all. Good antivirus software will make sure viruses don’t breach your computer and ensure the content of your PC doesn’t get infected, stolen, or deleted. 

Protecting Children

The Internet can be a tricky place and can often lead children to potentially harmful websites. From pornography websites to gambling sites, there are a lot of corners on the internet that are not safe for kids. A computer with no antivirus software can take children to such harmful websites directly from the search engine results. Antivirus software makes it safer for children to browse the web by blocking out harmful websites, forums, and other internet services. 

Making your device hack-proof

As the risk of cybercrime grows, companies that rely on the internet and computers are incorporating built-in security features to protect themselves and their employees from hackers. On the other hand, perpetrators are also developing new methods to bypass security measures and hack into devices. One of the most essential steps of ensuring your devices remain free of such virus attacks is to install good antivirus software on them. Antivirus software paired with built-in security measures makes your devices resilient to cyber-attacks and breaches. Without an antivirus, however, your device and all your data on the device are at stake.