Youtube - Place to Grow

Youtube - Place to Grow

Well, how much time do you spend with your mobile, let me guess 16 or 18 or in some cases more than that as well? During these hours we go through lots of stuff through the internet on a different platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more, one such known and the most prominent platform is “youtube”.

Youtube is a social media platform where one can showcase their abilities, creativities and what else they are good at, people all across the world watch it and appreciate as per the content and abilities showcased by the YouTuber. One can watch the relevance of the video to one’s need and can get equally benefited.


This google originated social media platform lead by Susan Wojcicki is one of the largest, leading and still growing platforms with the 2 billion monthly active Youtube users, In 2018 it was the most downloaded iOS app. Statistics suggest that 500 hours of content are being uploaded to youtube every minute. 


This is a platform that has the ability to make the content providers (YouTubers) the superstar. There are many such examples right now especially in a country like India with such a vast population and mind full of creativity.


Bhuvan Bam and Ashish chanchalani are the two leading YouTubers of India in the field of general entertainment or fun, they usually post the funny contents by portraying different characters and take the humour out of them. They started their careers with nothing but a selfie camera smartphone and now because of there outstanding abilities and skills they are most lovable YouTubers all across the world (especially in India). They both have ten to fifteen million-plus subscribers. Let me tell you that Ashish chanchalani also interviewed the cast of Avengers Infinity wars, it is all because of youtube and love and support showed by the audience. The trend of youtube in 2020 are many Youtubers.


Wellbeing a YouTuber is also not a cup of tea in the present time where everybody has access to the internet and a handful of smartphones. Nowadays there are high tough competition if you have the best content, particular about your niche and patience then you might have the edge overall, but nowadays it’s a tough ground to battle but yes it gives you an immense place to grow.


Now if we focus on the user side of the youtube let’s see what we got?
Well, youtube is especially user-oriented its artificial intelligence learns the searches and gets you the optimum content which you usually look for and if you subscribe any of these channels then it always pops a notification on your smartphone whenever the content provider of the channel uploads the latest video.


You can access data without any premium membership and I highly doubt that there any aspect of the content which has not been touch by any of the content providers or YouTubers.


It is one of the most effective ways of interacting and conveying your message to the mass not only this YouTubers generate revenue through this platform the more views they earn on the videoes the more revenue they can generate after monetizing their channel.


Most viewed content on youtube is “Despacito”, with over 6 billion views.


So, now it's up to you to decide are you willing to and the most important question is that do you have the ability and creativity to withdraw the user's attention and retain it to your content. If yes you are going to enjoy the upcoming days on youtube, if no then you are still enjoying the content of your famous and lovable YouTubers.

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