New Trending Antique Tiles

New Trending Antique Tiles

Antique Tiles

The culture of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome opened to the world the art of the great classics in literally all areas of human activity. The appearance of ceramics served as a kind of separator between the Mesolithic and the Neolithic. It is no coincidence that archaeologists often define the Neolithic as the "age of pottery."                                                                                                                                Antique Tiles

In the minds of most ordinary people, ancient ceramics are hand-painted vessels and vases made by ancient Greek or Roman artisans. However, this is not entirely true. For example, in Greece, Corinthian craftsmen for a long time made flat ceramic slabs for the whole country. With their help, the cladding of the walls of temples and religious buildings was carried out. As a rule, they were decorated with three-dimensional reliefs.


Today, old-style tiles are more popular than ever. Spanish and Italian ceramic manufacturers regularly advertise thematic collections that mimic the interior or exterior of ancient houses in Rome or Athens. Each of the samples presented is unique in its own way. These antique tiles easily fit into the interior of any part of the house, be it a bathroom or a living room.


A striking example of this is the collection from the famous Italian factory Del Conca, which allows you to create interiors in the spirit of the heyday of ancient Greek culture. Basic ceramic tiles very faithfully reproduce tuff stone, which was often used in construction in ancient times. The decorative items are presented here in great variety. They have an ornament of petals characteristic of that time. The extraordinarily beautiful "Greek tiles" are complemented by expressive decoration depicting, the muse of epic poetry.


The Spanish tiles manufacturer has launched porcelain stoneware with a natural stone texture. Old tiles with a matte surface have an aged look, imitating the flooring of houses in the old provinces of Europe. The mysterious patterns on the decorative inserts only emphasize the old style in the interior, enlivening, and enhancing it.


The Italian factory was not left out either. Designers have created a rich collection of stone-like structured ceramic tiles. The antique background tiles are available in five shades of natural material. Hieroglyphic drawings are applied to the decorative elements as if they had come to us from an ancient civilization. In the interior, such wall and floor covering look natural and unusual at the same time.


One more "old pottery" deserves special attention. These are the products of the first Spanish manufacturer Caracas. The porcelain stoneware collection is completely inspired by old stone slabs, covered with a noble patina. Many designers liken the artificial patina of stone to the sheen of fine antique furniture. Decorative borders and inlays with an ornate copper pattern further accentuate the antique style of the interior. The ceramic tiles in this series are sure to appeal to connoisseurs of antiques.