Using Plastic Slip Sheets To Replace Pallets

Using Plastic Slip Sheets To Replace Pallets

Slip sheets are thin sheets that are used in the packing of materials for transportation purposes. It is mainly used for commercial shipping purposes. Slip sheets now replace the wooden pallet and they are in huge demand in the market.

Advantages of Slip Sheet

Slip Sheets are made of plastic and are replacing the wooden pallets for many simple reasons . They have many advantages over the wooden pallets such as:

1. it is lightweight

2. They can be packed easily

3. Makes things easily portable

4. Pocket friendly

5. Long-lasting

6. Durable

7.No infestation by pests

8. Waterproof


These are the reasons for which the shipping industry has accepted slip sheets with open arms.

Specifications of Plastic Slip Sheet

Certain specifications enable the commercial shipping sector to prefer Slip sheets more than anything else. These are as follows:

1. Tensile Strength

The amount of load capacity versus the thickness of a Plastic Slip Sheet is known as Tensile Strength. The PE slip sheet has various Thicknesses according to the loading capacity of plastic slip sheet.

2. Coefficient Of Friction

The side of the Slip sheet should have high resistance because all the goods sit on those sides and it should be checked that the packed products do not slip out during loading and unloading.

For this one side of the slip sheet is embossed and another side is made smooth for smooth movement.

Types of Slip Sheets

There are two types of slip sheets. They are as follows:

1. Single Lip

In a single lip, the door of the truck is faced by the lip first and it is very helpful in space utilization. The purpose of the lip is for the push-and-pull mechanism attached to the forklift to grip and grab the unitized load during loading and unloading. It is generally used for unitized loads that can be stuffed straight into the container without need for interlocking configuration.

2.Multi Lips

The multi lip is more versatile as it allows the forklift to approach from multi sides.Normally used in loading the plastic containers or the tin drums that may require some maneuvering during loading and unloading .

These are the two types of Slip Sheets that are available in the market most explicitly and they are very much in demand.

Slip Sheet Disadvantages

Although slip sheets have gained popularity in recent years still there are certain things that are disadvantageous about a slip sheet. Those are as follows:

1. Slip sheets require special  attachments for loading and unloading goods which are although very low cost but still that becomes an extra burden.

2. Forklifts do not work with Slip Sheet unless fitted with the slip sheet attachment.

3. They are not suitable for bumpy or rugged terrain unless the cargo is secured with dunnage bags or polyester strappings /lashings.

4. they are not suitable for cranes unless the cargo with slip sheet is put onto a pallet before lifting.

Despite all these disadvantages, plastic sheets are in huge demand because people have found a good alternative for the bulk of their products.


The plastic slip sheets are much in demand in the market with the focus on green environment where wooden pallets are increasingly being abandoned . This is exacerbated by the requirement to fumigate the wooden pallets and container before shipment.

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