Pregnancy and oral health- Why the health of your teeth is important during pregnancy

Pregnancy and oral health- Why the health of your teeth is important during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a boon for every woman. It’s a journey of two lives growing together with the most pleasant bonding. It's like every element of this phase is very carefully molded. Special efforts are taken by everyone in the family for the complete nourishment of the baby in the womb. Every phase needs a different diet according to the woman’s taste and requirements.


A healthy smile shows the perfect health of a pregnant woman. Oral health is very imperative for a healthy pregnancy. Maximum people overlook oral health during pregnancy. But many of us are unaware of the side effects of ignoring oral health.

During pregnancy hormone levels are increased. Levels of progesterone and estragon are elevated. These changes in hormone levels affect oral well-being.

Oral issues during pregnancy:

Dental health care means care about the mouth, teeth, gums, taste buds. Oral attention is a must in prenatal care. There are a lot of myths regarding oral health during pregnancy like Pregnant ladies do not suffer from cavities issues or visiting a dentist is risky during pregnancy. Such a kind of pretense does affect dental health. Actual issues can be like

  • Bad breath
  • Taste bud issue
  • Gingivitis
  • Cavities
  • Periodontal diseases.
  • Tooth loss
  • Medication
  • Oral cancer

Oral health care during pregnancy:

Cavities are common during pregnancy. Variations in eating habits can lead to tooth decay. Pregnant women are tempted to eat sweet and sour food. Such sticky and sweet food can cause tooth decay. These bacteria can be passed to your baby if not treated at the right time.


Food craving is the most considerable part of pregnancy. Women eat different sorts of food affecting their taste buds. After a certain period taste buds get numb due to the change in food habits. Sugar cravings are very normal. Avoid sweet snack items. Rinse your mouth with fluoride water after eating snacks. Use mouthwash regularly to avoid infection due to sweet and sticky food.


Vomiting or morning sickness coats your teeth with heavy stomach acids. This can damage the enamel of the teeth increasing the risk of teeth decay. Sometimes flavored toothpaste or hard toothbrush cause gagging in pregnant women. In such a case switch toothpaste with fluoride toothpaste. Go slow on the brushing process. Use a soft toothbrush. Take it lightly during brushing back teeth to avoid gagging. Distract your mind.


Gingivitis affects dental health. They cause swelling of gums and bleeding. This can lead to more serious diseases. Brushing or cleaning teeth can also cause bleeding gums in such a case. If gingivitis is left untouched it can cause periodontal diseases. This causes serious infections in the gums as well as to the bones supporting teeth. These bacteria are more prone to enter the bloodstream infecting other organs. These concerns need to be treated seriously by the dentist.


Sores or lumps are seen in pregnant ladies due to hormonal changes and vomiting issues. These sores or lumps can be cancer lumps or normal. They must be observed and treated in time. X-rays are used as part of basic treatment. Oral X-Rays can highlight cavities, tooth decay, bones, and other infectious parts. X-rays use radiation to detect the flaws in the teeth. During pregnancy radiation are harmful. But Dental X-rays use a very less amount of radiation. A doctor especially covers your bellies with anti-radiation aprons. Hence, they are safe.


local anesthesia is also used for dental treatment which is harmless. Oral health issues can cause premature birth and affect the baby's teeth.


Pregnancies can be complex for a few women. Hence, they are on heavy medication. The high number of supplements can increase certain vitamin and mineral levels in the body. These directly affect the oral health of a pregnant lady. She can suffer tooth loss or face tooth erosion issues.

Oral routine during pregnancy: 

Oral routine during pregnancy is a must-follow step. Brushing your teeth twice. Use fluoride toothpaste. Use mouthwash containing fluoride. Daily flossing can be very helpful. Use saline or salty water to clean your mouth after vomiting. A healthy diet, especially a diet with rich contents of fruits and vegetables. Eggs and milk and milk products are healthy. Citrus fruits keep healthy gums.


Chewable sugar-free tablets can helpful for gums and cavity issues. Daily one chewable tablet can keep teeth healthy.

A dentist visit has to be a part of your oral routine. Pregnant ladies should not eat painkiller or any other medicines without seeing your doctor. Tell your doctor about your pregnancy. The dentist will prescribe medicines that won't affect the growth of a baby. The dentist can observe hormonal changes and find a suitable treatment for your dental issues.


Do not skip dental appointments. Never leave cavity and gum issues untreated. They can pass on harmful bacteria to the baby, affecting the baby's growth even causing premature birth.


Pregnancy and oral health care should go hand in hand else complications are most likely to occur. The happy and healthy smile of a mother will lead to a beautiful baby. Cherish this boon of pregnancy with your healthy mouth to bring bursting smiles to your baby's face.